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Commonly Asked Questions and Answers

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Who can go to Cuba?

Any American citizen or any other resident of the U.S. with a valid passport, as long as their purpose is for educational, cultural or connection with the Cuban people. For example, interest in the arts, architecture, history, or exploring Cuban’s way of life through interactions with Cuban families.

Do I have to go with a special interest group?

No. You and your family can travel to Cuba on your own. As long as you follow the approved regulations, you do not need any special Cuban or U.S. government permission.

Do I have to travel through a third country?

No. You can fly non-stop to various cities in Cuba from various cities in the U.S

Is the travel process complicated?

Actually, it is very simple. All you need is a valid passport, a form stating your interest, and a visa. We will help you with these easy steps.

Do I need to fill out any specific forms?

You will need to fill out a form (provided by our agency) stating the purpose of your trip.

Do I need an itinerary to travel to Cuba?

Since tourism to Cuba is not approved because of the embargo, immigration officers may ask you for an itinerary as proof of your purpose for traveling to Cuba. It is advisable to work with an agency to plan your trip so that you meet the United States requirements and avoid legal implications.

Can I travel as an individual or with my family?

Yes, you can travel by yourself or with friends and family as long as your purpose is to connect or support the Cuban people or any other approved categories. You don’t need to join a group.

Can I coordinate hotels, transportation, and other services once in Cuba? 

It is essential to coordinate your trip from the USA to ensure availability and to be able to pay in US dollars. Once in Cuba, even if you find these services at the last minute, you must pay in Cuba’s currency (CUC), so you will need to bring more cash and you will pay 13% more for these services.

Can I coordinate special events, for example, youth sports tournaments in Cuba? 

Yes, our agency is the only one at the time approved by Deporte Escolar (Youth Sports) (INDER) to join international calendared events or to organize custom events. Call us for more information or refer to our Baseball Friendship Cup Program as a guideline.

Is it ok to drink tap water in Cuba? 

No, please only drink bottled water.

Any advice for tipping for services? 

Tips are usually 10% of the cost of services. $1 for hotel or B&B housekeeping, $5 for drivers or guides a day (this is a guideline).

How do I connect to the internet in Cuba? 

There are internet cafes at some hotels, and parks where you can connect with an internet access card that you can buy at hotels.

Can I rent a car and drive in Cuba?

Yes, you can, but it is not advisable. Streets are very dark at night and in bad condition. People, dogs, bikes could get in front without warning. You will be detained if you hit somebody!

How can I ensure the best experience in Cuba?

Plan ahead!! Utilize Cuba travel experts to connect you with the best providers. Try different things: visit a barrio, a country site, explore the city’s architecture, museums, entertainment. Cuba is a romantic city with a lot to offer (old and new), but with issues of availability and internet connection among others. Plan ahead!!

Commonly Asked Questions and Answers