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About Letty’s Cuba Travel Agency

Letty Annett, President of Letty’s Cuba, LLC, is proud to offer a team of specialists in travel to Cuba and the rest of the Caribbean! Letty’s extensive travel to these destinations makes her an excellent consultant to her agents and clients. We are the best provider of various experiences in Cuba! For example, Letty’s Cuba Travel Agency has a unique invitation to bring youth teams to participate in sports events, and has its own Baseball Friendship Cup Tournament each year! We only work with tour companies and local teams who meet our high standards of customer service to ensure that our clients get exactly what they expect! Choose the Caribbean and Letty’s Cuba Travel Agency for “An Affair to Remember!”

As President of Letty’s Cuba, I have the knowledge and the passion to make your trip an affair to remember! A Cuban-American who experienced isolation from the rest of the world while living in Cuba in my childhood, it is my dream to become an ambassador of friendship between Americans and Cubans by facilitating legal travel to Cuba. In 2011, after 32 years in the U.S, I decided to “break the ice” and reconnect with the people I left behind. Since then, I have traveled to the island more than 30 times to explore, learn and help the Cuban people.

Why visit Cuba you ask? Just 40 minutes by plane from Miami, Cuba is the most diverse island in the Caribbean. It is rich in culture, old world architecture, history and the friendliest people. It is also one of the safest places to visit. You experience a nostalgic feeling while riding in a gorgeous 1950’s Chevy, visit the cabarets Tropicana or El Parisien or stay at the distinguished Hotel Nacional, opened in the 1930’s and a favorite of celebrities, heads of government, and the 1950’s mafia.

Most importantly, to connect and understand the Cuban people, especially, new small business owners who are attempting to create opportunities for their families outside the support of the government. The best way to extend a helping hand is to stay at their B&B’s, ride in their private taxis, eat at their private restaurants, and visit with their families. So many reasons to make your next trip to Cuba!!

Letty’s Cuba, LLC

Hello my name is Erika. I have 17 years of customer service experience as a result of working in the medical field. Due to my love of traveling I have made a career change. I enjoy my time traveling, spending time with family and meshing with other cultures. I am an extrovert, fun loving, gregarious, nurturing and caring person.  


Hello everyone!  I was born in the Caribbean, so Cuba is very close to my heart! My love for travel goes far beyond airline reservations, hotel bookings and land transportation. My goal is to work with you to help plan your perfect trip and introduce you to options you didn’t even know existed. With my extensive customer service experience, I will patiently walk you through your itinerary and maximize your vacation time. It's the experience you're looking for!